Lafarge White Cement Snowcrete

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Product Description

Colour: White
Type: Cement
Size: 25 kg
Package Type: Bagged Cement
Brand Name: Blue CircleA white cement suitable for many architectural uses and provides attractive finishes

  • Premium white cement providing attractive and durable visual concrete, renderings and mortars
  • A wide variety of white and light coloured finishes can be achieved with selected white or light coloured aggregates
  • Compatible with selected pigments producing bright and clean finishes
  • Snowcrete has a higher early and later strengths than Portland cement but with a similar setting time
  • Snowcrete has no shelf-life and can be stored for long periods of time with no detrimental effect on performance
  • Snowcrete is a white Portland cement which complies with BS EN 197-1
  • Snowcrete is a quality assured cement with independent third party certification and carries a CE mark