British Gypsum Gyproc Soundcoat Plus 25kg Bag

Gypsum-based parge coat to improve the thermal and acoustic performance of masonry walls by minimising air leakage. Used in Robust Detail constructions.

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Product Description


  • The use of Gyproc Soundcoat Plus on all external and separating walls provides an effective airtight seal, reducing energy consumption
  • Using Gyproc Soundcoat Plus to reduce heat losses can limit the requirement for costly heating solutions
  • Gyproc Soundcoat Plus is a cost effective way of providing an air barrier to masonry walls
  • Gyproc Soundcoat Plus enhances the acoustic performance of masonry separating walls. Code for Sustainable Homes credits are awarded for achieving higher standards of sound insulation than those in Building Regulations Approved Document E
  • Gyproc Soundcoat Plus has been formulated to enable application on to aircrete blocks, as well as aggregate
  • Gyproc Soundcoat Plus is now part of nine Robust Detail masonry wall specifications, including separating walls incorporating aircrete blocks