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Sealants & Adhesives
  • Bondit Anchor Bond

    Rapid set chemical anchoring system

    • Single action application
    • High strength formulation
    • Fixes solid and hollow base materials
    • Chemical, water and vibration resistant
  • Bondit Decorators Caulk

    A quick drying interior decorators filler that can be smoothed and over-painted within 1-2 hours of application. Adheres to most surfaces.

  • Bondit Expanding Foam Filler

    Expanding foam that is based on a moisture curing polyurethane pre-polymer. Quick, economic and easy to apply. Improves draught and heat insulation, fills irregular gaps, fixes framework and deadens sound. Can be cut, sawn, plastered and sealed over once cured.

    For fitting doors, windows and insulating pipes and filling gaps and can reduce the need for mechanical fixings.

    – Window setting (where a clean and controlled backfill is required).
    – Entrance door linings.
    – Any kind of small break-throughs in walls and other cavities.
    – Can yield up to 40 times can volume

  • Bondit Fire Rated Expanding Foam B1

    A high performance polyurethane expanding foam, tested for fire resistance to EN1366-4:2006. Seals irregular gaps and expands to over 40 times its can volume. The foam can be used at temperatures from +5C to +25oC. The cured foam is semi-rigid and predominantly close-celled. It is resistant to temperatures ranging from -40oC to +100oC and to ageing, but not to UV-rays. Noise and heat insulation values are excellent.


    Window setting (where a clean and controlled backfill is required), entrance door linings, any kind of small-breakthroughs in walls and other cavities. Exceeds the requirements of construction materials Class B1 rating in accordance with DIN 4102 pt 1.

  • Bondit FS4 Fireshield AC

    Intumescent acoustic acrylic sealant and adhesive with a decibel rating of 55dBA. When subjected to heat the sealant swells (intumesces) to provide an inert barrier to smoke and flames. It has non-slumping and rapid skinning properties.

    Specially designed to form an acoustic and fire rated, intumescent barrier in construction applications i.e. floor and ceiling joints, dry lining systems, partition walls, etc. It can also be over-painted within 1 hour with fire resistant paint.

  • Bondit Lead Sealant – Grey

    Tough, resilient roofing and flashing sealant : reduces weather ingression, tile lift and noise.

    • Fast-skinning
    • UV, Heat & Ozone Resistant
    • Internal / External
    • Weatherproof
    • Permanently Flexible
  • Bondit Mega Stik

    Adheres well to most building materials, with the exception of Teflon, polyethylene and silicone surfaces. Suitable for installing doors and windows, insulating and fixing pipes, filling holes and gaps, fixing wall panels, skirting boards, roof tiles, decking and for thermal insulation.

    • No mixing, no mess, no water, no dust!
    • No need to carry heavy bags of plaster.
    • One can fixes approximately 5 standard plaster boards.
    • 30% time saving over conventional dry wall adhesives.
    • Can be plastered in 1 hour.
    • Can be applied direct to boards or the wall either horizontally or vertically.
    • Can works on solid walls, metal and timber studding, battens and beams.
    • No nails or screws required.
  • Bondit Multi Purpose

    A high modulus general purpose silicone suitable for interior and exterior use.

    A highly flexible silicone sealant that contains a fungicide. Suitable for most sealing jobs around the home. 20 year life expectancy.

  • Bondit Roof & Gutter

    Lap jointing sealant that adheres to plastic, metal and bitumen.

    Can be used to effect small repairs on flat felt roofs. Remains permanently flexible. 15 year life expectancy.

  • CT1 Sealant & Construction Adhesive

    Unique adhesion on virtually any material in most applications without the need for additional fixings. CT1 is the ultimate solution for sealing.

    CT1 will successfully bond:

    Metals (including lead)

  • Everbuild Silicone Spray

    All Purpose Silicone Spray is a dry silicone lubricant and mould release agent for the easing of friction between two surfaces. Ideal for use in mould making/release industries, to ease installation of rubber and EPDM gaskets to window and door frames and has 100’s of uses around the home, garage, workshop and industry.

  • Miracle Seal

    Seals leaks instantly without clogging the system.

    • Radiators
    • Cooling Systems
    • Heating Systems
    • Underfloor Heating Systems
    • Solar Panel Systems
    • Engine Blocks
    • Gaskets

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